This site is a work in progress and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.  So, come back often.

Many people are researching their French-Canadian ancestors in Southeastern Michigan.  If you would like to include your family on this site (free of charge), or to place a link here to your own website, please write to Cliff Venier,

As a start, the following families for which I have at least some entries have been included:  Brow, Burbo, Labelle, Lafeve, Mitchell, Reno, Rushlow, St Louis, and Venier.  My data is very incomplete compared to what I know is out there, and, hopefully, these families will become more complete soon.  Yes, I know you are out there.

There are also quite a few other French families for whom I have very little data:  Amo, Amiot, Charboneau, Compau, Dubuisson, Deneau, Girard, Labeau, Lafayette, Laforest, Laura, Mayville, Mettie, Mexicotte, Poupard, Reaume, St Amour, Tourango, and I am sure I have left out many others.  Hopefully, folks researching these families will also participate in this site.


SO, take a look at the Surname Index. If your grandparents or great grandparents are here, you can learn about their past and find close relatives you didn't even know you had.